The International Symposium on Electrical Fatigue in Functional Materials brought together international experts on ageing and fatigue in ferroelectrics, ionic conductors and organic semiconductors. The meeting was on September, 15th-18th 2014 at the Cliff Hotel on Rügen island directly at the German side of the Baltic sea.

The workshop presented invited talks and contributed posters by active and former members of SFB595, international guests and partners from industry. It provided ample of time for scientific discussions.

The meeting was organized by the DFG funded collaborative research center SFB595 at TU Darmstadt, which will be closing by the end of 2014 after twelve years of operation.

Invited speakers

Name Institution
Claude Delmas University Bordeaux
Tor Grande Norwegian University, Trondheim
Katja Stegmaier Merck KGaA
Alois Kuhn San-Pablo-CEU Madrid
Philippe Ghosez Université de Liège
Mark Hoffman University New South-Wales, Sydney
Hirokazu Munakata Tokyo Metropolitan University
Paul Erhart Chalmers University
Nina Balke Oak Ridge Nat. Lab.
Akira Ando Murata Corp.
Roland Schmechel Universität Duisburg-Essen
Xiaoli Tan Iowa State University